Why SmartLuxeTravel?

SmartLuxeTravel is an online magazine dedicated to navigating the best in luxury travel for today’s busy professionals with limited vacation time. We’ll find you the best itineraries, the most unique places to stay and best spots to dine and shop. Our experienced editors have personally vetted every destination we feature, with an eye not only towards luxe options that make a memorable stay, but also smart choices that are worth the cost– both in dollars and your valuable vacation days.

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Meet our Editors

Kristin Francis

DSC09734Kristin is a recovering New York City attorney who is obsessed with creating the best possible travel and vacation experiences. Kristin knows that luxury isn’t all created equal.  She seeks out the splurges that are worth it, no matter what the cost, and prefers luxury that has a local vibe- whether it’s finding a cool boutique hotel or a traditional spa treatment or unique restaurant.

Kristin is also an expert in global shopping tourism and writes about her great finds on our sister site, Souvenir Finder.  When not circling the globe, Kristin can be found biking in Central Park, having tea at the Four Seasons, or hanging out home with her four-pound chihuahua.


Susan L. Schwartz

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An American living in London, travel writer and blogger, Susan has visited almost 50 countries and still counting.

When she was 13, she saw Venice for the first time and immediately fell in love with La Serenissima, thus she knew then and there that her stay at home days were over. It was always her dream to see the whole world and after a medical scare in 2012, she is making that happen. With a well-worn copy of Freya Stark’s autobiography in her back pocket, she has set out to bring you the Best Bits this world had to offer.

Her work has been published in many other places: Mail on Sunday, TabletHotels.com, Trivago.com, Vanity Fair Italia, You Magazine, etc. She also writes Best Bits Worldwide to be the home for the passionate explorer who savors the authentic but also loves the luxurious.

 Sue Slaght

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Sue is a Canadian nurse and travel writer who has been exploring the globe for the last 20 years with her husband.

Her passion for travel and discovery stem from her decades in health care where she has seen that in a moment life can change completely. Declaring herself well into the second half of the game of life her writing reflects her passion for living fully and getting out there.

Always on the watch for unique experiences and adventures, Sue loves the finer things of life at the right price.

With many years of discoveries around the planet, her stories and tips can be found at Travel Tales of Life.