Kool Beach: a Hip and Luxe Beach Club in Playa Del Carmen

I’ve visited Mexico’s stunning Riviera Maya coast several times, but had never been to a Riviera Maya beach club before.  In fact, prior to my most recent visit, I never even knew that there were any beach clubs along the Riviera Maya– I’d assumed these type of luxuries could only be found in places like Miami or the Cote d’Azur. But after receiving a tip about the top beach club in the area– one frequented by in-the-know travelers– I knew I had to check it out.

Kool Beach Club in Playa del Carmen: our Review

kool beach playa del carmen mexico best beach club
Kool Beach club, located right in the heart of Playa del Carmen, is the Riviera Maya’s leading beach club.  Like those trendy clubs in Miami and the South of France, Kool Beach club has a hip vibe and sophisticated clientele– but has the added bonus of warm, authentic Mexican hospitality.

While Kool Beach offers an exclusivity you won’t find at any other area beach club, you don’t have to be a member to enjoy a day here. For the price of day pass (currently approximately $60 US), you’ll get unlimited access to premium drinks (both alcoholic and non). lounge chairs, fluffy towels, the pool and beach. wifi, a full breakfast and a $200 mx credit towards other food and drinks. It’s a fantastic deal– luxury at bargain price– which earns Kool Beach Club a place in our Smart Luxe recommendations.

The Kool Beach Club Experience– the Beach

kool beach playa del carmen ocean beachkool beach playa del carmen swimming water ocean
Silky white sands, crystal clear water, the beach at Kool Beach club is absolutely gorgeous, one of the finest I’ve ever experienced.

Kool Beach Club: the Service

kool beach playa del carmen lounge chairskool beach playa del carmen beach chairs

You won’t be waiting long for your freshly prepared pina colada here– the service is top-notch. And what really sets Kool Beach Club apart is the warmth of all the staff here. Everyone here is treated like a VIP and offered that wonderful Mexican hospitality.

Kool Beach Club- the Pool

kool beach playa del carmen swimming pool

We loved the immaculate and refreshingly cool swimming pool at Kool Beach. Sure it’s a great pool to do laps in– but we preferred relaxing along the edges, drink in hand, checking out all the beautiful people.

Kool Beach Club– the Food and Drinks

The drinks here are all top shelf– I loved the frosty pina coladas, perfectly balanced and not too sweet.
kool beach playa del carmen menu seafood salad mexico kool beach playa del carmen lunch menu
The food at Kool Beach is all freshly prepared and insanely delicious. We could not get enough of the seafood ceviche with avocado and tomatoes here– I need to figure out how to make this at home. It was all around a fabulous day, and we can’t wait to return on our next visit to the Riviera Maya.

Thanks to Riviera Maya Tourism and  Kool Beach Club for the warm welcome!

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