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The minute you step into the circus that is Tickets, you know you’re in for a ride.  El Bulli is no more so those craving the delights of the Adria brothers must venture into Barcelona to find sustenance.  I had read about Tickets four years before as it was about to open and had wanted to eat here ever since.  Honestly it’s as exciting now as I’m sure it was when it opened, or it wouldn’t be one of the hardest places to get a reservation in the world!

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One of the surprises is you never know where you’re going to be seated – on garden chairs surrounded multi-colored tables, the meat bar, the fish bar – you have to let go of all expectations and go with the flow.  This is certainly true with the food as well.


When about everything on the  – what otherwise looks like a standard tapas –  menu is in quotes, it’s tough to decide what to pick: “pescadito frito”,  “false peanuts”,  “Tickets’ olives”.  My suggestion is to let your trusty server guide you through and you won’t miss a beat.


It all looks too good to eat but not only is it beautiful, the food tastes amazing. We had a great time and can’t wait to Alberto Adria’s other restaurants in Barcelona the next time we come back.

Smart Luxe Tip Sheet

  • Our pick: Tickets, Avinguda del Parallel, 164 Barcelona, Spain
  • Why it’s Luxe: You are tasting the magic of the Adria brothers – can’t get more luxe than that.
  • Why it’s Smart: Fun atmosphere and not horribly expensive, when it could be!

Have you ever eaten at Tickets?  What are your other favorite restaurants in Barcelona? Share in the comments!

Photos courtesy of Tickets.
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